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Rosanna Lenci- Design Genesis


Rosanna Lenci started working as an independent designer on April 2005, when what was supposed to be the experience as a sales representative in a furniture store drove her to design new products for specific customers. 


The first years it focused on furniture design and some store-interior design. On 2010, after a short visit to Denmark, Rosanna was ready to challenge her creativity into other arenas!


The studio passed from being a studio supplying exclusively designed furniture to gradually becoming GENESIS, a project that left no boundaries to what the designer could do! 


So GENESIS was open to other designers, allies and all sorts of design projects: Graphic, Web, Interior, Landscaping, Furniture and Product. 


Today the GENESIS project manages different corporate customer accounts through: corporate image development, social media ads development, product layout and packaging, as well as web design, web communication and web programming.


It also delivers integral space design, intervenes design production, healthcare spaces design delivers customized furniture and commercializes two furniture lines: one designed by Rosanna Lenci and one by Ceci Murcia.


On 2015 we designed ATTACH- ADAPT a system for telecommunication towers to prevent the robbery of batteries. You can purchase it through CKS Colombia.



& Artist

Real Estate Agent

Ceci Murcia




Dani Bentley


& Programmer

Carlos Rozo

Industrial, Graphic, Web, Space, Landscape D-Signer


& Translator

Rosanna Lenci

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GENESIS is also the womb were a system of Pedagogy Experience Project has been conceptualized, through: ANATECHTURE, a project that explores architecture as an experimental process for children; CHROMASOUND a project were synesthesia is a gift for all, and finally our new baby IMAGOSPHERIUM the project designed because and for dyslexics, as a platform for collaborative learning. 











Our big love for children also touched our heart and drove us to design a system to accompany them after different post operatory situations, which have been solved in the health arena but not in an aesthetic and comfortable way. Our project AHOOY-SOBREVIDA explores a new vision of Survival for Cancer patients, colostomy patients, tracheostomy patients and oxygen treatment patients.


We love research and bionics! Our projects have an organic tint we can´t hide and this pleasure we reflect on the need for creating adaptable, mechanical items.


So challenge us! We love stepping out of our comfort zone to deliver shocking and great solutions! 


Welcome to GENESIS

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